Respite and Aged Care Services


Macedonian Respite and Aged Day Care Services are one of the largest projects of Macedonian Welfare Association from Port Kembla.

This program is made available through funding received from the Australian government through the Department of Health in particular through their Commonwealth Home Support Program - CHSP

The aim of this project is to enable the frail aged as well as younger people with disabilities to live independently in their homes.

Their participation in the programs of Respite and Aged Day Care increases their level of safety and the quality of life and also contributes to the avoidance of the untimely placement in State Institutions, Nursing Homes, etc.

At the same time the service provides daily respite for carers of the frail aged and younger people with disabilities.

Respite and Aged Day Care Centres

There are various Respite and Aged Day Care centres that cater for the people from Macedonian background living in Illawarra region. Each of these centres cover different part of Illawarra so that the people in need of Respite and Aged Day Care can participate in and use the services of at least one of these centres. To find out more contact our Aged Care Coordinator, Monday to Friday on 02 4275 2266 or come and visit us directly at our office in Port Kembla.

Day Proceedings

Transport from home to the centre and back is offered to all participants living in the corresponding area of the respite and aged day care group. We ask for a small financial contribution towards the cost of the fuel and maintenance of the mini bus.
In the morning, tea and coffee while for lunch we serve hot meal prepared in Macedonian tradition. Small financial contribution is sought towards the cost of the produce materials used.
Playing cards, trouble game, domino, chess and other games; colouring, cutting and pasting; knitting using wool and thread, tapestries, hand craft, and making decorations, using different new and recyclable items.
Information Sessions
We organise guest speakers and information sessions about the newest changes in the services offered to the elderly people that affects their everyday life. 
We also invite guest speakers from different fields to talk about the health, safety in the 
home and public places, healthy food, financial advice, Social Security, Home Care etc.
We organise get together meetings with Macedonian groups from other cities in NSW, as well picnics and visits to various tourist attractions and festivals throughout Illawarra, Sydney and Canberra. Also, twice a year we organise visits to the local nursing homes that have Macedonian residents living in there, specifically in the pre Christmas and pre Easter periods.

For more Information contact:

Macedonian Welfare Association of NSW Inc. Port Kembla Aged Care Services Coordinator Telephone: 4275 2266.

Wollongong City Library Community 
Information branch on 4227 7648.

My Aged Care 1800 200 422

Carer Gateway 1800 422 737