About MWA

What We Do

The Association is made up of members, volunteers and community workers who work together to address the diverse needs of the Macedonian Community in the Illawarra and wider, stemming from language difficulties, unemployment, ageing and lack of specific services.

Macedonian Welfare Association of NSW conducts its function through co-operation and liaison with mainstream organisations, Australian and Macedonian Governments and non-government departments, agencies and companies for the benefit of the Macedonian community in the Illawarra and wider.

Services, Programs, Activities

  • Assistance with personal and family difficulties
  • Information, Options, Advice and Referral
  • Community Development
  • Community Support
  • Community Liaison
  • Settlement Assistance
  • Mediation
  • Translation of Letters and Documents
  • Quasi consular services for legal documents relating to Republic of Macedonia such as:
    • Power of Attorney
    • Statutory Declaration
    • Life Certificates
    • Bank Forms
  • Centre Based Respite and Aged Day Care
  • Brokerage Care Services
  • Carers Support Group
  • Women’s Group
  • Dementia Information and referral service
  • Volunteer Training
  • Media Group “Kompas”
  • Community Transport